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Low melting point Nylon
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Add:NO.10 HengOu Rd, Hengyuanxiang Industry Area,Wuxi City
General manager:CHEN JIANHUA
Zip code:214153
PET/PP/PA6 FDY production machine

The machine is equipment to make polyamide,polypropylene FDY,which is titer for 300D-900D polypropylene filament,also suitale for polymide filament.the machine improves the futures of the filament,or located with large wharve(φ330m)fairy doubler,produced by our company,goes with FDY-fairy process line.To replace two-ste textile bobbin process line,the machine is the first choice.

Tecenology paramenter:
1. Titer ragne: 300D-900D
2. Spinning speed: 1800-3200m/min
3. Spinning position: 2positions/set
4. Ends of spinning: 4or6ends/position
5. Type of winder: JHW435 or JHW635 or JHW835
6. Size of paper bobbin: φ75×φ89×150mm orφ94×φ108×153mm or φ110×φ124×200mm
7. Size of package: φ300×120mm orφ300×170mm
8. Equipment style: single ply completion style

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