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Low melting point Nylon
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General manager:CHEN JIANHUA
Zip code:214153
High speed POY or FDY pilot spinning machine

This machine is designed according to PET(polyester) and PA6(Nylon) high speed spinning process, which can produce POY and FDY filament, this machine can produce range between 50D-150D or 100D-300D PET or PA6 POY or FDY yarn.

Mainly technical parameter
1.Spin range: 50D~150D或100D~300D, daily output 192kg (basis on 150D)
2.Spin head: 2 heads
3.Winding speed: 3200-4500m/min
4.Distribution of drawing zone: Zone 1 and zone 2
5.Distribution of hot godet: single godet + separator roller, single godet + separator roller, double hot godets
6.Winder is manually, chuck is active rotation, constant line speed control
7.Size of paper bobbin: φ94×φ108×115mm

Equipment configuration
1.Diameter of screw extruder: φ25mm, L/D 1:28  with mixer
2.Specification of metering pump: 1×1.2cc/rev
3.Effective blowing area of lateral blowing: 200mm×1500mm
4.One spinneret one spin packbody, diameter of spinneret: φ64mm
5.Finish application is in lateral blowing.
6.Hot godet temperature precision≤±1℃
7.Hot godet speed is controlled by frequency
8.Metering pump driving is controlled by frequrency
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